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OMICS International Online Manuscript Submission & Review Tracking System

OMICS International follows the peer-review process for all the titles of open access journals. The online manuscript submission system (an online manuscript submission & review tracking system) allows submission of an electronic version (word or PDF) of manuscripts for peer-review process in the desired research fields. Eligible manuscripts are handled to the editorial board members of the concerned open access journal for further processing.

As soon as the manuscript is submitted by the author, the article goes through the editorial board of the particular publication. The online manuscript submission system offers a hassle-free tool for peer-review and approval of articles.

The concerned reviewer, author, or editor is required to register through the editorial tracking system for the first time, and they can access with the registration details afterwards. The authors, reviewers, and editors log in separately, in line with their respective roles. An author or contributor form allows furnishing of the individual credentials with the respective open access journal.

An automated and smooth procedure allows authors to submit their manuscripts, which subsequently go through the process of review and approval by respective editors and reviewers. A manuscript number is sent to the author of the respective OMICS International journal within a span of 72 hours that leads to timely processing and adherence to publication timelines of the respective journal.

A reviewer explicitly consents to play the peer review role by answering with ‘Yes’ and furnishing the domain of expertise and necessary details to handle the concerned open access journal through the editorial manager. The online manuscript submission system implemented by OMICS International ensures finalized articles fall in line with the guidelines for a standard scientific open access journal. The instructions and norms are provided in detail through the Author Instructions link or checklist for authors on the respective link.

OMICS International handles more than 700 open access journals in order to disseminate scientific knowledge through the internet. The online medium has enabled huge participation of authors from various geographies who submit manuscripts for peer-review and approval by editorial board, with respective editors having the privilege to make amends by using the online manuscript submission and review tracking system. The digital content can eventually be shared and transmitted for free.

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